At Newel, we work in a most unique environment and perhaps we even take it for granted. For sure, there is nothing like it in the world and the opportunities to share it make it more intriguing.  We know our merchandise that is The Collection covers a broad swath of styles, periods, and mediums.  We want to offer extraordinary possibilities for the public to enjoy the experience of who and what we are.  We don’t pretend to be a museum, art fairs are so predictable, and we certainly don’t endorse the auction format as it presently operates. But first we need to invite you to our show, and hope you enjoy the experience!

The meat and potatoes of Newel is the inventory, and there is no place on earth that can compare to our Long Island City Collection location of decorative and fine arts.  Here is where it starts.  The massive floor to ceiling quantity is quite staggering, even for me after all these years. On one floor, the sheer quantity is only forgotten when your eye catches sight of an incredible something!  While it is still a work in progress, as we moved into the space less than a year ago, it shows the visitor that there is more here than any discerning eye can capture.  This location environment is what Newel came from and can never give up.  We’ve make it all possible with technology and sweat.  But as we prepare for the ideas and energy of a 4th generation, we need to understand the changes in our business environment.

We are a bifurcated company, having our start as a prop house for Broadway and now catering to the proposition of selling these items.  Selling and renting decorative and fine art pieces is like comparing apples and oranges.  Yes, we make money from both ventures, but they are entirely different ways of operating.  While the Long Island City Collection works great for our rental operations, selling in that space can be daunting and doesn’t allow a real opportunity to show the pieces as they should or could be.  Being in a visual business, the need to properly display an item is critical to better enhance its salability and appreciation.  Mediums like a staged set for a movie or one’s own living room require a personal meaning and interpretation.  Why not in a Curated Collection? Our newest venture at 306 East 61st Street will take the concept of our present 1st floor showroom from our East 53rd Street location and create a dedicated space to show the variety and depth of what we offer, with the clarity of presentation.  The Curated Collection will always be a work in progress that has to be seen and enjoyed on any occasion. Newel will never run out of surprises!

With these two exciting locations, the third place that offers the greatest audience to Experience the Collection, is online and other multi-media options.  We have the bones for that too, having an incomparable database for deployment.  With technology moving at light speed, and a completely new and savvy audience of people under 35, the potential to attract and interact with this now and every growing market of consumers could never be opportune.  Bringing The Virtual Collection to more people through ne………………w age interaction offered by social media as well as having an established online presence make our inventory more accessible and more exposed in its various uses.  The Virtual Collection completes and complements how we tell our story and why to Experience The Collection @ Newel is so special and compelling.

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