There are very few jobs that one could think of as being hobbies and hobbies one could only imagine as a job.   Well, I feel in a very enviable position because that is what makes this industry very special to me.  

Having an interest in the decorative and fine arts is formed by emotion. The emotion of the work’s creator can evokes a passion in an individual who enjoys possessing that creativity.  A chair is a chair, but it’s function and design is left to the imagination of an artist in all times.  Isn’t a chair made in ancient Egypt the same genus as a chair made by Gio Ponti in the 1940s?

With the passion of a collector, or any person who can relate and connect to something artistic I as a dealer can acquire and then liberate the work, for a profit.  It is not a new profession, but has certainly evolved dramatically in the last 30 year (since the advent of the buyer’s premium).

The real connection between the dealer and anyone who would buy something of value is the emotional connection to find that object.  There is no greater passion than “the kill”.  I’m not saying I am a murderer, but the exhilaration of a good buy is pretty strong.  It’s a good feeling when you can possess something that you enjoy, appreciate, and own.

Today, there are many issues and problems that have limited entrée into the field as a dealer.  The term dealer is evolving more into broker, where the cost of inventory investment is daunting, and learning the auctioneer’s methods (retail without inventory) are compelling.

However, I’m lucky to have observed and experienced both sides. I am a third generation dealer, and my father was a passionate collector who also tried painting.  He was also a dentist, who told me that he treated dentistry like a hobby, like his camera hobby, his love of music and symphony, and, well you get it, his artistic emotion.

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